Day In The Life Of DBH Staff: Jed

What's it REALLY like to be a part of the Design By Humans workforce? Do we chain our employees to their desks or do we let them run wild and free? How's it all come together? Find out in this week's "Day In The Life Series" (DITLO): DBH Staff. This week we follow Jedrek, our Brand Manager.

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Day in the life: Jedrek aka SEIZER, DBH Brand Manager

I first came in contact with DesignByHumans back in 2008 while I was Jr. Art Director at Fifth Sun. I remember I was really blown away by the level of talent and art that was on the site. I still think DBH has an incredible roster. If there were a graphic design olympics, we'd be apparel champions. I am originally from Chico where DBH recently relocated to. I had been living down in LA for about 9 years but the thought of being able to continue my career in my hometown was pretty inviting.

While in LA I did a lot of postering and street art related things. Recently I worked on a project with Spyder Clothing, Audi, and Carlsberg beer, here is a little timelapse of the project.

Who are some of your favorite Design By Humans artists?

I have so many favorite DBH artists, it's tough to choose. Since my start at DBH I think I've doubled my t-shirt collection. I think VAD_NS has a style that reflects the legacy of DBH. It's surreal, pop, detailed illustration with street elements, I like that.

AYEJAY has been an inspiration since I was in high school. If you don't know, he created the 'gangsta rap coloring book' and continues to make amazing graphics for some of the top skate brands. I like his parody shirts and his pop culture references.


DCVisualArts is a new artist but his pop culture mash ups are amazing. I love this Blue Moon/DrWho mashup, it's just a nice looking design as well.

baratheon game of thrones tv show design art tshirt tee pop culture dcvisualarts heisenberg walter white breaking bad pop culture tv show design tshirt tee blue box dcvisualarts blue moon beer tardis dr who doctor who parody mashup pop culture tv show tshirt tee

So, What's It Like To Be Jed?

5:00 am My son crawls in bed with me, climbs on my face, kicks me in the balls and then falls asleep.

6:30 am My son wakes up and tells me he's hungry and that I have to get out of bed, NOW!

8:00 am I think about riding my bike to work but then realize I have an 8:30 meeting, so I end up driving the 1 mile trek.

8:15 am Stop at the local coffee shop for a large White Lightning black coffee, why mess around?

9:00 am Approve art that's been submitted, re-tag incorrect tags, tag art that has no tags at all (artists are you reading this?) Google insanely deep gamer references that I'm completely clueless about. Email artists to get off their butt and upload art!

9:30 am Ask Katya, our social media manager and our token nerd gamer, what the hell Oculus Rift is.

Noon Break for lunch, go home, wrestle with the kids, and eat a really delicious home cooked paleo meal that my beautiful wife made.

1:00 pm Ride my bike back to work wishing I had a cookie.

2:00 pm Coffee break! Borrow Brent's longboard that only turns left (when I am regular and mostly turn right). It's a struggle.

4:00 pm Is there anybody out there?

5:15 pm Ride my bike home. Sometimes I take the long way and see what new graffiti is out at the local train yards.

6:30 pm Try and get the kids to eat.

6:45 pm Bath time!

9:00 pm Everyone is asleep so now its time to work! Approve more art and check what new artists are signing up for their own stores.

10:00 pm Work on some graphics or concepts for new art projects.

12:30 am Nighty. Yea, I don't sleep very much.

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