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Did you know the idea of walking and talking robots didn't come about until the Industrial Age? Once we put together working metal parts with a motorized touch, our imaginations went wild! In the early 20th century we began making robots that looked more like humans to complete simple tasks. Today, robots have taken on so many futuristic identities, its hard to keep track! From Transformers and the Terminator to RoboCop and Real Steel, robots have been the stars of some extremely popular films that we love. We've picked out some of the coolest robot t-shirt designs at DBH, and we promise these tees are more than meets the eye!

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Best-Selling Robot Designs in Limited Quantity

These t shirts are currently only available in limited quantities, so get your hands on these awesome robot tee designs before they're gone!

transformers movie film optimus prime cartoon cute vector legos tshirt tee sweatshirt crew tank

Autoblocks by MEKAZOO What would Optimus Prime be like in the early years? This cute Transformers tee parody features a young Optimus playing with some lego building blocks. Cool vector designs and shadows create a unique looking, classic Transformer that's instantly recognizable.

Bend R2D2 by BeeryMethod In the future far far away comes sci-fi's most epic droid and bot mashup design. Sassy robot Bender faces off with quirky droid R2-D2 in this awesomely detailed robot tee - complete with series references and robot beer. This pop culture parody design is awesome for any sci-fi or movie lover!

pocket tshirt pocket optimus prime cute adorable cartoon vector transformer pop culture parody mashup tshirt sweatshirt

Pocket Prime by TeeKetch Simple illustration and vector design create one of the smallest versions of Optimus we've ever seen. This new Transformers parody design mashes a tiny Optimus Prime into someone's t shirt - because everyone needs an autobot leader in their pocket!

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monster alien spaceship UFO city monsters robot godzilla tshirt tee tank top

The brand new Transformers movie "Transformers: Age of Extinction" premieres on June 27th and we can't wait!

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