Pop Culture Dino Tees

What happens when you combine epic Pop Culture Tees with ferociously trending Dinosaur Tees?

Interested? We thought you might be.

Pop Culture Dinosaur Tees are becoming the next big thing. Like other Pop Culture tees, these hilarious and unique prehistoric designs combine well-known characters and themes to make one jaw-dropping tee. While our fascination with these giant lizards will probably never end, these dino designs won't be around forever! Check out the featured designs below and get your hands on some before they're extinct.

star trek star trex dinosaur tee tshirt

Star T-Rex by by Captain_RibMan
Beam me up, Scotty! This witty design features Star Trek characters like Captain Kirk and Spock mashed with ferocious T-Rex. Star T-Rex was created with brightly colored vectors and a cool textured background that looks like outer space. Pair that with an awesome tag-line and you've got yourself the perfect Pop Culture Dino Mashup tee.

trex drwho tardis parody tshirt tee

T-Rex VS The Tardis by DrSpazmo
A wild T-Rex takes on the Tardis in the cool DrWho parody mashup tee. This larger-than-life T-Rex might win the first round, but we all know DrWho will be the ultimate winner! T-Rex VS The Tardis uses extreme detail (like skin texture and skeletal structure) to create a photo-realistic look. Mix that with a popular theme like DrWho and you've got one amazing tee.

dinosaur dino trex omg jurassic park tshirt tee

OMG!! by jun087
Oh My Godddd!! This design is a movie-clip mashup from the ultimate dinosaur movie "Jurassic Park". The extreme angled lines give this tee a truly unique point of view and a strong feeling of movement, which ties in the movie theme perfectly. Check your mirrors and get out alive!

jurassic park trex mirror car

xmen parody scott laser cyclops triceratops tshirt tee cartoon

Triceraclops by thestray
X-Men's Cyclops aka Scott Summers gets a prehistoric makeover in this design. This Triceratops is not to be messed with! This artist used the "Jim Lee" style he admired from his childhood to create this design. The bright colors of this pop culture dino will stand out on any dark tee.

avengers dinosaur dino triceratops velociraptor trex parody mashup funny tshirt tee

Dinosaur Avengers by ben6835
What if your favorite superheroes got a prehistoric makeover? This artist took an immensely popular movie and comic book series "The Avengers" and gave it an awesome twist. The simple vectored graphics make a bold statement and are sure to get some laughs. Could you imagine Captain America as a Triceratops?

drwho tardis trex parody dinosaur dino tshirt tee

Dinosaur In The Tardis by zerobriant
It really is bigger on the inside! Run, Doctor, Run! Here's another take on the T-Rex VS Tardis mashup, but this time he's made it inside.This design has a unique vectored look but still includes details in the T-Rex's skin in order to create some realism.

pink floyd parody mashup music rainbow pyramid light trex dinosaur dino tshirt tee

History of Colors by tshirtbaba
Dark side of the T-Rex? This dinosaur and PinkFloyd "Dark Side Of The Moon" mashup is a cool twist on a legendary design that's been popular for decades. This unique design features an a bold T-Rex, black and white elements along with a full color rainbow. Although this design is somewhat minimalistic, it makes a huge statement that is sure to resonate with a large audience.

future dino zoids dinosaur trex robot guns fire dinosaur tshirt tee

Future Dino by wolfinger
Dinosaurs in the future?! This design "Future Dino" is based on a popular TV show and kid's toy line "ZOIDS" from the 1980s. The robot dinosaurs in the show were sent from the future to kick butt! Bright colors, a photo-realistic background and detailed lazer guns make this design POP. This mashup design also combines two awesome things - robots and dinosaurs! Could it get any better?!

Trending dinosaur tees are one thing, but Pop Culture dinosaur tees take things to the next level! If you're an artist trying to design "on trend", we'd recommend mixing it up! Everyone's probably seen a snarling T-Rex tee before, but a T-Rex Robot Tee - now that's something worth wearing. Since no one really knows for sure what dinosaurs actually looked like, you've also got the creative freedom to give 'em whatever skin texture and coloring you want. Good luck on your next design'€¦

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