Dinosaur Tees Take A Bite Out Of Trends

We can't always explain trends, but when something is trending hard, we've gotta have it! Right now dinosaur tees are trending hard in the T-shirt world. Everything from T-Rexes to Stegosaurus and Velociraptors are stampeding onto tees everywhere. These crazy, wild, larger-than-life designs are sure to capture anyone's attention. Here at Design By Humans we've got a ferocious collection of prehistoric dino artwork that is sure to blow your mind'€¦

1. Dino Frenzy by MR-NICOLO

This all-over, neon design is one of our most popular dinosaur tees and it's easy to tell why! This larger-than-life design shows off a wild T-Rex and a snarling set of razor-sharp teeth. The yellow background and neon pink design make for a really unique tee.

dino frenzy mr nicolo neon pink yellow trex dino dinosaur tshirt tee

2. Drawing With Light by kooky-love

Artist kooky-love thought outside the box and created a whole new nightmare! This awesome T-Rex design was created with streams of neon-colored light. Printed huge on a black tee, this brightly colored T-Rex is ready to attack.

neon colored light photography trex tyranosauras dinosaur tshirt

3. Velociraptors love cupcakes! by herky

Nothing screams "Cool dinosaur tee!" like a Velociraptor eating a cupcake. This sketched out design looks semi-realistic with plenty of cross-hatching and details that bring out the dinosaur's scaly skin. Keep an eye on your cupcakes!

realistic velociraptor loves cupcakes funny tee tshirt dinosaur dino

4. Tri and A Stogie

Better leave this guy alone! Bright, pastel colors and a smoking cigar bring this bold triceratops to life - and he's got a personality to boot. Simple details like cracks in the horns and smoke coming out of the nostrils can make a design stand out from the rest.

pastel dino dinosaur triceratops smoke cigar classy tshirt tee dinosaur

5. Raptor Ripper by Philryan

Jack the ripper? More like Raptor Ripper! Start rippin' and shreddin' dino-style in this ferocious tee. This design brings in an entirely new element and 3D-like nature as it rips right out of your chest!

raptor ripper claws teeth dinosaur dino tshirt tee

6. Dino Park by Naolito

Dinosaurs need a little play time too! These dinos aren't quite as scary when they're conquering the swing set. Vector images and detailed illustrative pieces make this T-Rex look semi-realistic. Don't forget that adding simple elements (like that huge T-Rex tongue!) can make your audience laugh and get your design noticed.

dino dinosaur parody tee tshirt playground

7. Fancy Dino by jun087

This is one cool cat...er, T-Rex! Clean, detailed vector lines and overall textures create one groovy dinosaur. The neon colors and sunglasses make a fun, laid back design that gives this T-Rex a whole new life - watch out for his sharp teeth!

cool dino dinosaur trex sunglasses funny parody lol tshirt

8. Triceratops Cowbot by Captain_RibMan

Ride 'em Cowbot! This wild design features a robot cowboy taming the prehistoric wild west on a Triceratops! This ferociously awesome design combines two awesome ideas - robots and dinosaurs - to create one unique tee. Similar to the other designs, this artist made sure to add details in the dinosaur's scaly skin to make it looks realistic and believable.

cowboy robot parody triceratops dinosaur dino tshirt tee

If you're looking to take your new t-shirt design to the next level, why not showcase some ferocious dinosaurs? You can give them a modern look with cartoon outlines or use vectoring and hand-drawn details to give them that classic ferocious feel. Adding small details like skin texture and skeletal shapes can really add dimension to your design as well. Either way, you're bound to scare the pants off someone!

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