Shark Week 2014 at Design By Humans

Are you living in an OCEAN OF FEAR?! We think you should be. Discovery Channel's Shark Week has just started so be careful what you fish for. Shark Week started in 1988 and is currently the longest running cable TV program in history. Originally created to raise awareness and respect for sharks, Shark Week has turned into a nationwide viewing event for shark lovers longing to get a closer look at these amazing animals. So, grab a bowl of popcorn, turn on the TV, and make sure to check out these awesome shark t-shirts only at DBH. Watch out, though! Any closer and you'd be bait...

Sharknado by CampKatie
This minimalist shark t shirt has been a top seller at DBH since the Sharknado movie released. The ridiculous Sci-Fi, made-for-TV movie focused on a freak weather storm that brought a tornado of sharks into Los Angeles. Sharknado 2 released July 30th and is coming to theaters one night only on August 21st--grab this awesome shark t shirt and watch the trailer below!

Zissou by Wharton
Is that a jaguar shark!? This awesome pop culture design mashes up the classic Jaws movie poster with funny film 'The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou'. Dive deep and search for the mythical jaguar shark in this vintage shark t shirt.

It's Shark Week Somewhere by BeanePod
It's Shark Week somewhere? It's Shark Week now! This abstract shark design features bold, bright colors and painted effects to create a rolling wave texture. Question the existence of the legendary Megalodon in this bold shark t shirt.

Be Careful What You Fish For In Best Selling DBH Shark Tees

Sharknado 2 Trailer

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