Sun's Out, Guns Out

Summer'€™s in full swing, in case you hadn'€™t noticed. It'€™s not like the sweltering temperatures were an indication that something was up or anything...

So how do you combat rising temperatures? Popsicles? Pool time? Trekking to the nearest grocery store, finding the ice cream aisle and crawling inside the freezer?

Me? I choose the latter, obviously. Aside from the frosty surroundings, you have your pick of Ben & Jerry'€™s flavors and you get to draw fun pictures on the glass. But a more sensible -- nay, more thoughtful -- person might choose to beat the heat by losing some clothing. Get your minds out of the gutter. I'€™m talking about sleeves, you pervs!Tank tops and racerbacks are a fantastic option for the summer months.'€œBut what about all those rad Design By Humans T-Shirt designs,'€ says you.'€œUh, well...all those rad Design By Humans T-Shirt designs that you love so much are also available on tank tops and racerbacks,'€ says I.Seeing as how I'€™m currently chillin'€™ inside an ice cream freezer, hands wrapped around a pint of Americone Dream, I asked my co-workers to pick their favorite tank tops and racerbacks. Check '€˜em out:


Sunset Racerback by ibehetdesign

Ocean Anchor Racerback by Bortwein

Off The Hook Racerback by AndreMullerDKO

Tank Tops

True Heroes Never Die Tank Top by StudioM6

Summer Cat Tank Top by ClingCling

Summer In Paradise Tank Top by MudgeStudios

Extra summer chill: Guy Fieri eating a pineapple (Guynapple).

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