Unlikely Superheroes (A Tribute to Marvel's Ant-Man)

An ant as a superhero? I just don'€™t see it. To be fair, Marvel is probably better at picking superhero movies to make than I am. With that in mind, Ant-Man will be released this Friday. Watch the Ant-Man trailer below:

The Ant-Man trailer got me thinking: What makes an ant so special? I looked into it, and after hours upon hours of extensive research, this is what I found:

  • Ants can carry 50 times their bodyweight.
  • So can I...what'€™s the big deal?
  • Ants lived alongside dinosaurs.
  • Samuel L. Jackson got himself all eaten up by a velociraptor.
  • Ants started farming long before humans.
  • I haven'€™t seen any ant apples at the farmers'€™ market, have you?

Mehhh, I went ahead and created some of my own unlikely animal superheroes:

Sloth Man

Super Koala

Alpaca Man

These are clearly superior superheroes. But hey, if ants are still your thing, I can'€™t be mad atcha. Especially if you're rocking these Marvel Ant-Man T-Shirts, hoodies and apparel from the new Marvel Shop at DBH!

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I totally wouldn't be mad at any of your "unlikely animal superhero" submissions, btw.

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