Tees With A Melody: Music Tees

From hip hop and reggae to classic rock and pop music, music has been inspiring people for hundreds of years. Even before the first record was created, music has been a defining factor in our lives because it keeps us connected and brings us together. Thus, it comes as no surprise that people want to share their love of music through their fashion! Musical artists have been influencing fashion trends for decades - from the iconic Louis Armstrong suit and the Madonna fingerless lace gloves to Michael Jackson'€™s red leather jacket and Britney Spears'€™ miniskirts. And while we aren'€™t starting a new fashion trend here at DBH (although hot leather pants were suggested), we are featuring some amazing music-inspired t shirts!

vinyl disk keep the record alive vintage retro texture pattern rainbow neon turntable phonograph photo realistic music song tshirt tee tank top crew crewneck sweatshirt phone case iphone

Keep The Record Alive by radiomode
Old school vinyls and grunge textures come together on this retro music tee. This minimalistic vintage design has an urban art feel and the eye-popping bright colors will stand out on any color tee. Keep your favorite song on repeat in this cool music themed tee.

swing to the music cassette tape nostalgia child swing retro urban vintage 1980s 80s vector one color minimal tshirt tee tank crew crewneck sweatshirt phone case iphone Swing To The Music by mgpg89
Childhood nostalgia meets retro era design in this cool music t shirt. Using the cassette tape as a surreal swing was a unique way to approach this music-inspired design. Rock your childhood favorites (Britney Spears or Backstreet Boys, anyone? lol ) in this unique music design.

smile music headphones surreal typography grunge texture happy funny tshirt tank crew crewneck sweatshirt phone case iphone
Music Smile by sitchko
What kind of music makes you smile? This cute graphic tee design features a smiling face made of headphones. Grunge textures and simple typography give this music tee a unique look that lets the t shirt color bleed through. Grab your music player and get rockin in this musical t shirt.

equalizer surreal vector skyline city cityscape minimal simple birds tshirt tee tank crew crewneck sweatshirt phone case iphone
Music City by expo
This surreal music design combines an equalizer with minimalistic genius. The reflection of the equalizer creates a skyline (complete with seagulls) that seems to be overlooking a body of water. Don'€™t stop the beat in this awesome music t shirt.

headphone grunge doves bird trees texture black and white texture urban art graffiti music tshirt illustration tank tanktop crew crewneck sweatshirt phone case
Headphone by barmalizer
With doves exploding from each side of this headphone set, it'€™s easy to say this grunge design captures the true essence of music. This music t shirt design features illustrated headphones mixed with painted splatter effects, vectors and grunge textures. Show off your appreciation for everything musical with this cool music tee.

abbey road in colours london britain the beatles music iconic classic english vector rainbow vector tshirt tee tank tanktop crew crewneck sweatshirt phone case

Abbey Road in Colours by bomdesignz
If you don'€™t get the awesome musical reference in this design, I feel bad for ya son! This designer took an iconic image (and an iconic band!) and give it a new, clean twist with paint drip effects. This Beatles-inspired design has a brand new, modern look with bright neon colors and cool vectors. Pick up your ticket to ride along Abbey Lane in this awesome Beatles t shirt.

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banjo blues skeleton skull music artist grunge teeth dark art tshirt tee tank tanktop crew crewneck sweatshirt phone case mickey mouse disney character cartoon pop culture mashup music techno dubstep dead mau5 vector cool tshirt tee tank tanktop crew crewneck sweatshirt phone case

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