The Very Best of 2014

As the year quickly rolls out it is time to look back over our data and see who where the top performers of 2014. It's been a huge year for Design By Humans, with new products, partnerships and inspiring contests. The most exciting area of the site has been the growth of the Collective, more specifically the dedication and creative brilliance of the artists we represent. The creative juices were flowing all year round and we saw some heavy hitters join the ranks of the esteemed Collective Rockstars. Here we will reveal the top players, the newcomers and some other fun tidbits.

Let's jump in!

TOP TEN BEST DESIGNS OF 2014 (Compiled by Wotto)
This year sees a bit of a change in that the majority of the top designs are art based tees. While parodies always seem to do well they are usually only hits for a short period of time, this list shows that great art goes the distance. It's also interesting to note that some of these top spots are held by relatively new art. A good piece of art, well executed with a popular concept will keep the sales rolling in. Congrats to all of the top ten placed designs, keep up the good work.

1. Ink Dragon by Alnavasord

2.The Happy Adventurer by Jun087

3. Mr Wolf by Ikaruz

4. The Spaceman's Trip by Gloopz

5. Astronaut Cat by ClingCling

6. Transcendence by JoseDeolioArt

7. The Butterflies and the Gloves of Stingers by Rejagalu

8. Duality by RadioMode

9. Tonari No Totoro by Victorsbeard

Evil Geniuses - These guys have expanded their collection this year and with that they have obviously pleased their customer base. Unique tees that show support for the team have been a big hit this year. EG also brought to DBH unique offerings with their custom jerseys and a limited edition keychain. Thanks EG for all your hard work, fans and cool art. Also thanks to the artists from the DBH community who worked with EG this year to develop new products.

If you know T-shirts, you know Radiomode. This artist has been around a while and has always delivered high quality fan favorites. His store is full of popular themed art with flawless attention to detail. This artist keeps his store fresh by adding new product, listens to his customers and knows which themes will bag him big sales. Smart and talented...Congratulations RadioMode! Check out the his amazing designs HERE.

This has to go to Ddjvigo. Hailing from Spain this artist joined DBH late in 2013 but made 2014 his year! Pop parody is his specialty and a number of his tees have soared to the top of the top 50 chart instantly. Congrats Ddjvigo, may 2015 be as good to you as 2014. Visit his store HERE.

Ink Dragon by Alnavasord is the clear winner here. This one color piece is so well drawn that it became a hit within days of it's launch. Popular across all products and the best performing art of the year this design sets the bar for all other artists. A popular theme, a clever use of black and art that looks beautiful on all products and colors. This is a win on all levels, congratulations Alnavasord, a well deserved win and year at Design By Humans. Get the shirt HERE.

Ingkong is an husband/wife art collective who joined DBH back in 2010. However 2014 was when this artist team truly found a style that gelled with their customer base. Ingkong specialize in photo-manipulation and over the years they have slowly mastered the craft. They had a few hiccups along the way but have really begun to understand how to make a great design. Their perseverance and hard work have paid off and after listening to good advice and learning a lot we are glad to see their designs hitting the top 50 chart regularly. Congrats guys, you killed it in 2014.

This one goes to BrianMViveros for not only bringing amazing art to Design By Humans but also bringing a fan base and showing other artists the power of self promotion. Brian's work is unique, raw and focuses on the strong female. He delivered his art to the collective and we were all blown away, he promoted well and the sales came rolling in. A consistent style and smart approach has had Brian's art sitting in the top spots for the entire year. It's a pleasure to have you and your art at DBH, Brian.

Dooomcat - Hailing from Canada this artist has always delivered funny and appealing designs. This year she joined the DBH Collective and brought a whole new spin on the parody tee. Hardworking and constantly updating her store, this artist will continue to do well here at DBH. Congrats on a great year, Alison.
Mathiole - A master of stylized art, we have always love Mathiole's work but it took a while for him to join the Collective. This year he opened his store and has built a cool range of products. It's great to have you aboard the DBH ship Mathiole. We look forward to more impressive art in 2015.
Aeoll - You are on this list for bringing sexy back! Oops I mean bringing Abstract art back! You started your own trend here back at the beginning of the year and your store has grown into a beautiful set of abstract art. It has also sparked a customer interest in abstract art that is both exciting and not always easy to achieve. Congrats! We salute you, may geometric brilliance be ever in your favor!

Repainted by Alchemist was the most popular phone case of 2014 and it's not surprising considering how well it is designed for this product. A slick composition and a cool artistic style combine to make a very appealing design for any device. Repaint your world and nab this popular, cool and colorful design today. View the phone case HERE.

Tonari No Totoro by Victorsbeard is the winner of the most popular art print of 2014. This inspiring piece is whimsical and beautifully rendered. A silhouette of the anime character Totoro coupled with a unique landscape make this the perfect choice for any wall. This design is versatile in so many ways and has also been a big hit as a tee and phone case. Bravo Victor, bravo. Stop reading and go buy this beauty. Check it outHERE.

When one of our artists suffers we always want to help. This year a fellow artist posted this forum post about our friend and artists Zerobriant and we wanted to help. The community gathered and it was decided we would promote his art across all channels with the help of our awesome artist network and also offer him double commission for one month to help with his medical bills. This was a huge success and we are very proud of our community for this selfless moment this year. Nicely done art folks and customers.

That rounds up the very best of Design By Humans for another year. It's been a cornucopia of art and success! Congratulations to all the rockstars, newcomers and cool cats who make up the Collective. You have all had a great year and we look forward to more success in 2015. For now, please be upstanding for the best designers of 2014. Now sit down and get designing 2015 is right around the corner......

[A note from the DBH team - While we're listing the best of 2014, we'd also like to thank Wotto for all he has continued to do for DBH. From blog posts like this one, to his continued support and guidance, Wotto has continued to be a guiding force and an asset to the DBH community.]

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