2015 Trend Kick Off by Wotto

Each year new trends emerge and take a hold of the design world. Here at Design By Humans we have a skilled team that can look into the future and predict what trends might be around the corner. 2014 saw a lot of trends based on parody, TV shows and gaming. While those themes will stick around there will be new fresh ideas blossoming all year long. Here is the list of what I predict will trend in the year 2015. Hold onto your hats, tees and phone cases people it's going to be an exciting ride...

Big Hit Movie Art

Big last year and probably bigger this coming year. As movie releases approach, people look for tees to wear when they go and see much-anticipated movies. Tees are a good way to show the world you are a fan before the movie kicks off. With some huge movies already announced for 2015 my money is on some cool art based parody tees that will explode onto the Collective. If the new Star Wars movie doesn't get this section of the collective bloating nothing will.

Cute Freehand Type and Illustration

This trend appeared in the later part of 2014 but I think it's going to continue to grow. It's the mix of an illustrated character (usually cute) with a funny hand drawn slogan alongside it. The examples below are a perfect explanation of this style and are a lot of fun. I don't expect these to last forever but they will be a short term trend that will see some interest in the first quarter.

Symbolic Designs

The symbolic art trend has been slowly growing. Symbols and signs that either stand out or make you feel like you are a part of a fan base will feature more and more in 2015. Read a cool book or see an awesome movie lately? There is probably a symbolic tee that represents it. Obscure symbols, illuminati, logos, slogans and religious symbols are all growing across the collective. Symbols are easily read and for those in the know they mean you can be associated with a fan base immediately.

Slogans & Sayings

T-shirts have always been about making a statement. Revolutions have been started and icons remembered all on the humble t-shirt. Slogan tees will be a big hit in 2015. It started with the poster parody of "Keep Calm" but is now growing into more obscure references and ideas. Sayings, slogans and quotes are a hot ticket for sure, just be careful which ones you use because some movie quotes are copyrighted. Use of hand drawn beautiful type wins extra points too!

Amazing Art Coupled with Popular Themes

Art is awesome. This is true but even the most amazing art sometimes struggles to sell. Art coupled with a popular theme is way more likely to succeed in the apparel industry. I could list many artists who do this well and many who do it badly but let's just say it's a rare skill set. You have to find a theme that people identify with and then create a masterpiece around it. I will let the examples explain this better but trust me when I say that this theme is trending all year long. Parody alone won't bring you the big sales, time to mix it up and make it beautiful.

Animals and Nature

Around 40% of the Top 50 Most Wanted List features an animal or something nature related. The more we push our world into global crisis the more we seem to identify with animals and nature. We have a better understanding of the natural world and we appreciate it. I think this trend will become more prevalent over the next 12 months. We want to conserve the planet and we all love animals so it seems only natural that these creatures and icons of nature will be seen more in the clothes we wear.

White Tees

White tees? "WTF wotto have you lost your mind?", I hear you say. Nope. There was a time when white tees were the least popular tee color in the apparel world BUT that is changing. There has been a trend emerging in the high fashion world that is slowly trickling down to the masses. White tees are now cool and striking graphics on those white tees are even more trendy. As the warmer months swing around I predict a spike in white tee purchases this year. Crazy I know, wear the white tee but avoid the ketchup!

Celtic and Tribal Art

That's right people that tattoo trend of the 90's is coming back into fashion, only cooler. The intricate lines of tribal art and the beauty of Celtic art seem to be making a come back. Remember that Art Nouveau uprising of 2013 mostly headed up by the magnificent art of Megan Lara? Well I suspect this trend is going to be like that, think The Book of Kells for the 2015 people. Think tribal stylings mixed with modern day icons, doesn't sound too bad now does it?

The future is bright people and it is full of cool art and eye popping t-shirts. Designers sharpen your digital pencils, customers save those pennies. This coming year is going to be full of cool trends for all to feast on. Think you know a hot trend around the corner? Have a piece of art that is selling in the bucket loads? List it here, you may be the next big trend setter. Until next time friends, stay awesome.

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