What's Your New Years Resolution?

3...2...1...Happy New Year!!! All of us here at Design by Humans want to wish you a Happy New Year! A new year means, new artists, new designs, and new challenges. To celebrate we have put together a some of the more common New Years resolutions and some great shirts to get you motivated to keep that resolution...maybe just for the first month or two, but hey, that's something!


Do you ever notice how the gym gets a lot more crowded in January? It's all those people telling themselves that they are going to start going to the gym everyday...or maybe a couple times a week...then again, maybe once a week will be enough...

Gymaholic by Dreadpen The new year is the perfect time to lose some weight and get back in shape. That's what this little guy is here to help you do. Hit the gym and get it done with a new tee featuring this gymaholic from Design by Humans!

Pokemon Fitness by Jetti
It's hard to look good at the gym, all that sweating and panting trying to catch your breath, Jigglypuff is here to help. You'll be the star of the gym with this pokemon themed shirt. Take the treadmill with confidence and show the world you are ready to kick butt.


Time to stock up on fruits and veggies and hide all that processed crap! This is the year we are all going to lose that weight...but maybe just this weekend I'll cheat, one cookie won't do any harm, I'll start for real next week.

Diet Terror by Lopesco Dieting is crazy hard, we all know that. You want everything you can't have, cookies, cake, chocolate...yummm...I mean, oh look a salad! How about getting something that won't ruin your diet plans like this great shirt portraying the diet monster going after it's victim.


Now this is a resolution I can get behind! Less work, more fun. Shouldn't be too hard right? But what about my deadline next week at work, and I have to plan my best friends birthday for next month. Maybe this isn't going to be as easy as I thought...

Froggie Relax Mode by ADAMLAWLESS Relax Mode Initiated. Time to chill out and let stress dissipate. Put on some good tunes and follow this frogs example and relax. Maybe a nice comfortable sweatshirt is the way to go.

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