V-Day Tees Sure To Make An Impact

Are you by chance wondering what to wear this coming Valentine'€™s Day? Well, whether you are hanging out with friends or have a date, know that what you wear does say a lot about your personality. I'€™m a big fan of me. I think we should all be big fans of ourselves, right? I am not trying to be self centered or snobby, I just have a feeling you'€™re probably a cool guy if you'€™re snooping around on a Graphic Tee site like Design by Humans.  Let'€™s face it; you'€™re probably one or more of the following:

  • Clever and witty
  • A total graphic nerd
  • A total geek and love every minute of it
  • Into music and art
  • Just a little more on the creative side
  • Funny'€¦ to most

Girls love all of these things! I'€™m going to give you some pointers and provide some ideas on what to wear on our favorite day of love. After some looking around, I found some awesome Graphic Tees that will get any down to earth cutie to strike up that first flirtatious conversation with you, or simply impress that super chill date you'€™re looking forward to this Thursday.

Let'€™s start with those who may have a date. You guys will probably want to stay on the clever, sexy, artsy and clean cut level. But those who are just chilling with some friends don'€™t hesitate to take advantage of the awesome T Shirts I'€™m about to break down! It'€™s all really here for everyone'€™s benefit. I'€™m pretty sure that'€™s how rocking killer threads works; everyone benefits.

Remind her this Valentine'€™s Day that you'€™re quite the artist, even if just through fashion. Trust me, a boy who can express creativity through wardrobe is always attractive!  The Painter offers a vibrant and colorful T Shirt Design, which depicts a painter expressing his world in heavy strokes and imaginative objects.

The Painter T Shirt

Want to be a bit more dashing, well check out this look Ryan at Design By Humans is rocking. He'€™s got the awesome Graphic Tee paired with a rugged leather jacket and some stylish aviators. I'€™d say it'€™s a win, win; you'€™re wearing stylish yet comfortable attire and she will certainly be OK with having you on her arm this Valentine'€™s Day.

Nicolo Nimor Viper Frenzy Shirt

I have yet another creative T Shirt that will add to your stellar wardrobe. This one is called Enjoy The Aurora. This mosaic piece will have any creative chick interested in what you'€™re wearing but more importantly; she'€™ll probably be interested in why you chose this sick T Shirt Design.  Like I said, my wardrobe certainly is an expression of my personality, you got to rock it! Better yet, rock it to the fullest on Valentine'€™s Day.

Neon t-Shirt Aurora

However, all creative chicks are not created equally. And I mean that in a really good way. Creativity and art comes in so many forms, functions and mediums and what makes Art and design interesting is the fact that everyone sees it differently. Check out this Neon Zebra T shirt I found on Design by Humans. If there is one thing people like, it'€™s color! Get your neon on and represent that vibrant, creative side everyone digs.

Neon Zebra Shirt

Let'€™s say you know your date likes a more clean cut look, trust me, we females like a clean cut boy every once in awhile. For me, it'€™s not everyday but for some girls it is, and I totally get that. I have the perfect combination of both worlds. Why not rock a sweet Graphic Tee from the guys at Design By Humans and then clean it up with a nice blazer? I'€™m thinking this might be a good plan, just saying.

Tee Accessories for Men

So guys, keep it fresh, keep it creative and know that Design by Humans is here to help you on your Valentines Day.

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