Wow, So Year, Much Dog: Year of the Dog

Wow, So Year, Much Dog: Year of the Dog

We love dogs; we love all things with dogs. In fact, we think there should be more things with dogs.

Every birthday party, every wedding, every trip to the bank should have a dog for good measure; in fact, every office should have a dog (Note: this is a not so subtle attempt to get a DBH office puppy and we are not at all ashamed to admit it).

So, imagine our happiness that the 2018 Chinese lunar calendar is celebrating the Year of the Dog. We’ve waited 11 years to reach this cycle in the Chinese calendar and now we can finally enjoy all things dog: the doges, the puppers, and the furry noodles that we love.

And we also know – being the year of the dog – 2018 is going to be something special. It won’t be the kind of year that knocks over a water glass – maintaining steady eye contact with you the entire time – just to watch your reaction. The Year of the Cat would suck…

It will be a year filled with a sense of love and total acceptance. It will be the kind of year that thinks you are amazing and everything about you is amazing – even your old sock is a prized possession. The year of the dog will about tolerance, honesty, and making the world a better place. Thank you, dogs. You love everyone equally and with total abandon; you give us hope for the future! So, we’ve put together a reason why there should be more dogs in pretty much everything…and pretty much everywhere.

Reasons to have dogs at your event (or your office…).

1) Overall Increase in Happiness Levels

2) Garbage Cans Stay Empty – No Wasted Food!

3) Guard Dog

4) Endless Hugs

5) Encourages Exercise and W-A-L-K-S (shhhh…don’t say it aloud)

6) No Crumbs – Shiny Floors!

7) No Squirrels

8) You Will Always Know When Mail Arrives

9) Great Listener & Encourages New Ideas

10) Club Mascot

Reasons not to have dogs at your event (or your office…).

1) There are no valid arguments

So, start the Year of the Dog off on a pawsitive note with a Design By Humans dog t-shirt.

Featured Artist: JussilaDesigns

Featured Artist: JussilaDesigns

Featured Artist: Strijkdesign

Featured Artist: Strijkdesign