How to Live Long and Prosper: Life Lessons from Star Trek

How to Live Long and Prosper: Life Lessons from Star Trek

Whether you spent your childhood trying to master the Vulcan nerve pinch on your little brother, desperately pining away for a pet Tribble, or you just heard that iconic “whoosh” noise every time an automatic door opened for you, the chances are that the beloved Star Trek series has had an enduring impact on your life.

In 1966, audiences stepped aboard the USS Enterprise for the first time and fell in love with Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek; not only did the series offer an uplifting glimpse for our future, but it also introduced viewers to diverse characters, relatable real-life conflicts, and exciting space voyages. The adored sci-fi franchise paved the way for thirteen movies and several spin-offs like The Next Generation, Voyager, and the newest Discovery series and — most importantly — it has continued to shape popular culture for generations to come. We’ve learned valuable life lessons about exploration, friendship, and rocking a mean pair of spandex from our favorite characters like Captain Kirk, Spock, and Jean-Luc Picard.

So, let’s check out the life lessons that we learned from the Star Trek franchise. Make it so!

1) Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

Society has conditioned us to be afraid of the unknown. What’s that loud noise coming from the basement? Who cares what it is! Either way you should NOT go investigate it. We all know what happens to the person who goes into the basement... Also, if there’s a creepy abandoned house on your street, you probably won’t want to go exploring it either.

Nevertheless, although we’ve been trained to fear the unknown, Star Trek saved the day and encouraged audiences to embrace their curiosity; the series beamed the mysterious and the unfamiliar straight into our living rooms. Not only were audiences able to explore new worlds with Star Trek, but they were also encouraged to appreciate, respect, and be improved by what they might learn there.

2) Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

One important lesson that we learned from The Original Series is that everyone has their own strengths to contribute. Bones loves to gripe, “Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a... [whatever]”. Still, although he may not have been “whatever” Kirk needed him to be at the time, he was still an essential team member. Captain Kirk always looked to the logical Spock and the emotional Doctor McCoy before he made any important decisions.

Also... we learned that if you’re ever asked to beam down on an expedition to an unmapped planet with the unlucky Bones, Spock, and Captain Kirk trio...then you might just want to call in sick. You are definitely going to die on that planet. Especially if you’re wearing a red suit...

3) Different Strokes for Different Folks

Star Trek introduced us to a utopian future where the United Federation of Planets ruled the galaxy and promoted peaceful coexistence, harmony, and exploration. The Star Trek crew was a perfect example of different people working together for the greater good. Not only was the actual cast of actors and actresses a diverse group of people, but the television series highlighted the importance of peace, equality, and a shared understanding. Klingons, Humans, Vulcans, and more all worked together for a better existence. Although there were a few run ins with Borg or other non-Federation members, the ultimate message of the Star Trek franchise was one of equality and inclusivity.

4) Buckle Up!

Star Trek introduced us to a world filled with new gadgets, exciting new innovations, seat belts.

Wait, huh? We’ve mastered the technology to travel space, but those darn seat belts still elude us?

I’m pretty sure that traveling at the speed of light would make for one gnarly crash. So, in this instance the lack of seat belts really taught us the valuable lesson and necessity of having seat belts.


5) You’re a Maniac, Maniac

Who said that full body suits, spandex, and rompers were a bad idea? Not Star Trek! The most important Star Trek lesson we learned? It’s cool to wear spandex!

Does this mean that everything else we thought wasn’t cool to wear, is actually cool to wear?

That’s it! We’re getting out our Crocs, our giant scrunchies, and every neon outfit from the 80’s from storage. If Captain Jean-Luc Picard thinks it’s cool, then it must be cool.

Star Trek reminds us that the world is a better place when we all work together. So, don’t be afraid to boldly go where no one has gone before! You may just find a pile of adorable Tribbles at the end of your journey too. Take a trip to the DBH Star Trek FanShop to learn more about creating officially licensed art for the Star Trek franchise or get your very own DBH Star Trek shirt today!

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Featured Artist: Darruda

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