Who’s Not Invited to DBH’s Mario Day Party?

Who’s Not Invited to DBH’s Mario Day Party?

With the anticipated Mario Day (March 10th) just around the corner, DBH is getting ready to have an unforgettable Mario Day party. Everyone is coming out to celebrate their favorite video game hero; anyone who is anyone in the Nintendo Universe will be there.

There will be tasty mushroom appetizers inspired by the Mushroom Kingdom, go-karts in honor of Mario Kart, and Mario is even going to have his finest (Tanooki) suit dry-cleaned for the occasion. In fact, Yoshi got himself a new pair of shoes (he’s still not into the whole wearing pants thing though...) to show off on the dance floor too.

However, even though Mario is definitely the friendliest plumber in the Mushroom Kingdom, there are still a few guests that he’s hoping might just lose their invitation. Even though they may be helpful characters in the world of their video games, they tend to suck all the fun out of everything else.

Let’s check out the Nintendo characters who we’re hoping will RSVP “No” to the Mario Day party this year.

1) Hey! Nagging Navi from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

You know how every party has that one person you just can’t shake? You try to escape to the snack table and — boom — they’re there. You try to politely excuse yourself to check if the host needs help in the kitchen and — bam — there they are again! Well, the Nintendo equivalent of that annoying party guest is the fairy Navi from The Legend of Zelda series. She might be there to help guide Link on his quests, but —  unfortunately — she is also the most annoying character in the video game. She nags Link incessantly throughout the game and yells things like, “Hey! Look! Listen!” nonstop.

Link is hoping she has other plans the night of Mario’s party because he really needs a night off from her constant unsolicited advice. He just knows she’ll be yelling in his ear all night to “Listen!” to the band more closely or to “Watch Out!” every time he tries to take a bite out of a spicy appetizer.

2) Laundry, Traffic Jams an' Bad Breath All Rolled Together: Animal Crossing’s Mr. Resetti

Mr. Resetti, or the angry mole in the Animal Crossing series, is definitely the party-goer who would yell at you for doing anything fun. If you want to eat that second donut at the snack table, you can be sure that Mr. Resetti will have something to say about it (or he’ll at least give you a lecture about your health). And, don’t even try cheating at Charades at the party because you will never hear the end of it.

In fact, Mr. Resetti’s entire purpose for existing is to lecture players or to give angry tirades about resetting and saving the Animal Crossing game. You can be sure that he’d be really bad at small talk at the party. He’s not afraid to be the jerk in the room or to bring up taboo topics. In fact, he’s always taunting people with, “you hate me, don't you? I mean, you just hate me more than anything, right? More than laundry, traffic jams an' bad breath all rolled together, right?” Yeahhhhh...we kind of do. It’s like he wants to be the guy who starts a fight and gets thrown out of the party.

3) In the Dog House: Duck Hunt’s Dog

There’s always that one party-goer who just loves to gossip and hear about other people’s misfortunes. They take that Schadenfreude thing to a whole new level. And, the Nintendo version of that person is — paws down — the “Duck Hunt Dog” from the popular ‘80s shooter video game. Not only was he always there to laugh sadistically at a player’s failure, but he was also never afraid to taunt a player who was holding a gun. That’s just crazy.

Now, just imagine Luigi is telling you all about Toad’s tragic go-karting accident (caused by a rogue banana peel on the road) when — all of a sudden — you turn around to find the Duck Hunt Dog snickering about it in the background. What a dog.

4) He’s a Cry Baby: Yoshi's Island Baby Mario

No one likes a cry baby, especially when you have to listen to him wail for hours on end. The Koopa Wizard named Kamek kidnaps Baby Luigi and it’s up to Baby Mario and Yoshi to save him. Unfortunately though, it also means that players are forced to endure the sound of a baby crying on a loop when Baby Mario gets caught in a bubble (which feels like ALL the time).

Baby Mario from the Yoshi's Island series might be a cutie, but you won’t think he’s so cute after you have listened to him whine or cry for the entire party. Plus, why is there a baby at a party anyway?! Where are his parents? Gross! Now he’s going to put his hands in all the food! Let’s just hope that the party is after Baby Mario’s bedtime this year because no one wants to get stuck babysitting him all night.

5) Give Him the Slip: Star Fox’s Slippy

The incompetent pilot in the Star Fox series, or Slippy the Frog, is a good friend to Fox, an inventor, and a member of the Arwing crew. However, he also happens to be one of the most annoying characters (and voices) in the Nintendo Universe. Not only does Slippy somehow manage to get himself in trouble a lot, but then he is also constantly screaming for help in the world’s most grating voice.

You can only hope that you don’t get stuck talking to Slippy at the party. You can try giving him the slip if you want but — chances are — you’d still hear his shrieking voice no matter where you hide at the party. He’d be the party guest who spills salsa down his shirt and everyone at the party will know because he won’t stop screaming about it.

You may not want certain Nintendo characters at the DBH Mario Day party, but that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating everything Mario with an awesome DBH Nintendo t-shirt! In honor of Mario Day, don’t forget to wear a pair of overalls, sport an awesome mustache, and indulge in a Design By Humans’ tee. Also, be sure to visit Nintendo’s website to learn what other goodies (and discounts) you can get on Mario Day!

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