PAX Prime 2015 is in the Books

Whenever you spend a weekend hanging out with an amazing gaming community you typically only converse with online, it can be a bit surreal to say the least. At this point, I'€™m usually far more depressed because the feeling of missing everyone sets in quickly. Luckily I'€™ll get to see all you fine people and more at TwitchCon, which is just around the corner.

The PJSaltan of Stream II competition, featuring a number of DBH Streamers. Pictured here: Ezekiel_III, futuremangaming, summit1g, suushisam (the winner!) and ActaBunniFooFoo.

It'€™s amazing to see how far Design By Humans has been propelled in such a short time. The global takeover is well underway and more exciting announcements will be dropping in the coming months. I can'€™t begin to express how moved I am to see everyone who'€™s become an advocate for us and what we'€™re working to achieve within the gaming space.

On a much less sappy note, there'€™s some amazing game releases coming up as I'€™m sure everyone is aware. Between For Honor, Dark Souls 3, Dreadnought, Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch (my favorites of the event), I have zero clue how to divide them into what little time I have.

DBH Streamers lolrenaynay and futuremangaming just casually gaming at the Courtyard Marriott booth.

My panel '€œYour Roadmap to the Industry'€ with Malik Forté, Dave Voyles, Brittney Brombacher and Andrew Sullivan absolutely killed it. Thanks to those guys for joining me on the panel and thanks to everyone who came out to listen to us complain about past jobs.

I can'€™t wait to see everyone at TwitchCon!


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