Tacos, Tacos and Free Shipping

Northern California is hot. We'€™re in the middle of an epic drought. We'€™re surrounded by wildfires. So many in fact, that it actually hurts to go outside. (That'€™s what I tell myself at least.) Generally speaking, it'€™s pretty miserable here at the moment.

In case you didn'€™t know, Design By Humans is located in Northern California. Chico to be exact. If you don'€™t know California'€™s geography, Chico is about two hours north of Sacramento, which is about two hours east of San Francisco, which is about eight hours north of Los Angeles, which is about two hours north of San Diego, which is about an hour north of Mexico.

Which brings me to my point: Tacos.

Tacos are the reason I stay in California. Forget the sunshine. Forget the mountains. Forget the ocean. Forget the fact that you could quite literally go snowboarding and surfing in the same day. Forget all the sports teams. Forget the movie stars. Forget the raisins. Especially the damn raisins.

Take '€˜em all and gimme my tacos.

Luckily, I'€™m not alone. In fact, I'€™m surrounded by people with that same mindset. Literally surrounded. Everyone here at DBH is a taco fanatic.

Recently, a group of us started a quest to hit all of the taco trucks, taco stands and proper taco restaurants in Chico. It'€™s like Lord of the Rings, but with tacos. And ratings. We're really serious about tacos. So serious in fact, that we made a special Taco Friday countdown timer:

In all, there are about 22 spots on the list, but I'€™m sure that number will grow as we find more taco trucks hunkered down in alleyways and out by the river.

In light of this quest to conquer all the tacos this town has to offer, check out some of these sweet taco tees available at DBH!

Taco Truck by AyeJay. A vision of true beauty.Taco Life by WhizzleTip. Because tacos can be both delicious and 'bout that thug life.

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One more thing: If you've ever wondered about initiation rituals at DBH, here:

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